General Questions

We are not a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. We cook all of our Shrimp Boils on location, whether on the beach or in the backyard of your vacation home, etc. Our motto here is, “We Roll Our Pot to Your Spot!”

We require a 24-hour notice (subject to availability). We book up for some weekends months in advance, so please contact us as early as possible to ensure that you get your preferred date.

1. Click on ‘Get a Quote’ under the event type you are interested in and complete the form. A quote will then be emailed to you listing all applicable pricing, upgrade options, and details of what to expect with your event.

2. Once you have reviewed your quote, call us at (361)416-0416 to make any changes, add upgrades, or simply to book your event. Please remember all of our event dates are first come, first serve and until we have received your 50% deposit your date is subject to someone else reserving it before you.

** Please note: Bookings will NOT be considered finalized without speaking to one of our Booking Agents at the phone number above. Bookings via Voicemail messages or Email are NOT allowed. To complete your reservation, you MUST speak to us via phone AND we must receive your 50% deposit.

We serve all of Port Aransas, Mustang Island, North Padre Island, and Corpus Christi.

Yes. We require a minimum of 6 guests for our beach events and 20 guests for our backyard events. The sky is the limit for our maximum!

If you are trying to get your date booked, we suggest using your best guess for the number of guests expected. You can make changes to your Final Headcount up to 48 hours before your event. Any changes to your number of guests will be adjusted on your Final Balance due.

All of our events are private. You and your group will be the only guests at your event.

In the summertime, due to the heat and the time of sunset, we begin our Beach Boils at 7:00PM or 7:30PM. We have found this time of day to be the most conducive to providing you the best experience possible. It’s a bit cooler, provides plenty of bonfire time after dark, and time for the kids to hunt crabs!

Unfortunately, due to the heat of the summertime the earliest we can start an event would be 7:00PM. We have found however, that most kids who normally go to bed around 7:00 or 8:00PM tend to be running around at 10:00PM and not ready to go home, due to the excitement our Beach Boils & Bonfires bring… Oh yeah, and the S’mores!!!

We serve The Beaches of 361 including North Padre Island, Mustang Island, and Port Aransas area beaches.

Yes we can. Depending on which area of the beach you are staying and the number of guests in your group a permit may be required. If so, we will take care of acquiring the permit for you should you need one. Your quote will include the permit fee if necessary.

Rain outs are very uncommon, but if it were to happen, we would:
1. First, try to reschedule your event to another night in your stay. (This is why we try to schedule you earlier in your stay, as opposed to your last night.)

2. Secondly, if changing your event to another night isn’t possible (due to it possibly being your last night in town) we would hold your event at your vacation home or other venue (if possible). We even have a portable bonfire pit for this circumstance, so the kids still get S’mores.

3. Lastly, if neither of those options work for you, then we will hold onto your deposit until a future date when we can serve you.

If you cancel your booking, we will apply your deposit to a future booking. Refunds will only be made in extreme circumstances and are at our discretion.

Boil Questions

No, we do not. We do offer Snow Crab Legs as an upgrade option to your Boil.

On all our Boils, the Spicy seasoning is shaken over the top of the Shrimp Boil on the serving table and we always leave one end of the Shrimp Boil virtually Spice-free. That way, whether you have small kids or non-spicy eaters, everyone can enjoy their food! Also, there will be extra Spice Shakers on the table for the Extra-Spicy eaters!!

We take great pride in only serving WILD Shrimp caught in the Gulf of Mexico waters. We buy all of our Shrimp locally.

We also take great pride in our portions. 95% of our guests do not finish the Boil and all leftovers are sacked up for you to take home and enjoy the next day.

All of our events are BYOB, so just pack a cooler(s) with whatever your guests will want to drink (if on the beach, please no glass). We do not provide cups or ice at our events, so bring those if you need them.

The only non-seafood option we offer is Hot Dogs for the kids or guests who have dietary restrictions. For guests who have strict dietary restrictions or do not eat meat we recommend bringing your own meal for dinner. Guests who bring their own food will not be charged for the shrimp boil, but will be included in the bonfire price to ensure they have a seat and s'mores. [See "Do you offer any substitutions...]

We offer reduced portions and pricing for children under 12 years old who want to eat the Shrimp Boil. The only other food option we have for children are Hot Dogs.

No, we do not. However, if you have a guest with a known food allergy or dietary restriction we can make an allowance for that guest to bring their own food to the event. Just omit them from the number of "Adults/Kids eating Shrimp Boil", but be sure to include them as a "Non-Eater" on your quote form so that they get an Adirondack Chair and S’mores!!

We understand that not everyone likes seafood (or it doesn’t like them), so we allow for outside food to be brought in for these guests. Just omit them from the number of "Adults/Kids eating Shrimp Boil", but be sure to include them as a "Non-Eater" on your quote form so that they get an Adirondack Chair and S’mores!!

The Boil is normally served between 15-20 minutes of your start time. We like for you to have a few moments to relax in our comfortable Adirondack chairs and enjoy a beverage before eating.

Absolutely! We understand some people would rather just have everything brought to them. That is why we offer our Backyard Boil option. We require a minimum of 20 guests for our Backyard Boil.

No. We only offer the Beach Boil & Bonfire as a package. If you only want the Boil we do offer the Backyard Boil as an option.

No. We try and maintain consistency in the appearance of all our events and the proper extinguishing of the bonfire is our responsibility, if it is our dinner.

If you have someone with a medical condition where they require a special chair, then yes. Otherwise, we try and maintain a common theme with the appearance of our events.